By Athiwat Hirunworawongkun on April 1, 2020

"Intelligence is a big deal. Humanity owes its dominant position on Earth not to any special strength of our muscles, nor any unusual sharpness of our teeth, but to the unique ingenuity of our brains."

— Nick Bostrom Professor, Oxford University; Director, Future of Humanity Institute

The concept of “Intelligence” is the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations and apply to solve problems. In addition to human intelligence has often been viewed as one of the best predictors of problem-solving ability.

With human intelligence, we can think abstractly, communicate complex thoughts, and culturally accumulate information.

These capabilities let humans develop increasingly efficient productive technology and tools, making it far better than any other species on the planet.

Humanity Needs an Upgrade.’s (hu·man) is an artificial intelligence company. Our mission is simple: building intelligent technology tools and making it useful for everyone. We are willing to apply AI technologies to be unleash everyone capabilities to tackle some of our grand challenges in new exciting ways. With AI as a multiplier for human ingenuity, those solutions will come into reach. We believe AI should remain aligned with human value.