Humaan Pilot Program

From experimental features to exponential—Comming age of AI.


At, we believe in an open, accessible articial intelligence (AI) technologies for all to do in incredible new ways. With, we’ve created a robust AI platform and suite of intelligenc services that give you — and hundreds of millions of people around the globe — access to everything the AI can offer while upholding our commitments to privacy, safety and align with humanity's value.

We think that make benefits to everyone, but it can also make it harder to innovate. For years, we’ve asked ourselves questions like

  • How can we run quick experiments for testing our ideas is make benefits to everyone.
  • How we bringing intelligence to business processes, improving effciencies and help solve some of humanity’s major challenges, from the sustainable use of the environment to a transformation in health and wellbeing.
  • How can AI augment and amplify people to bring new value to your business.

We made Humaan Pilot Program to answer these questions. Humaan Pilot Program lets you play with cool new features, lets your use AI technologies to boosts business profits and innovation and it lets us try out our ideas before we ship them to an audience of millions.

After Submitting Your Enrollment

After your submitting enrollment to Humaan Pilot Program. We help your get started to integrate AI technologies with your business or problems you need to solve. Here’s how the process works:

Phase One: Identify Problems

In Phase One, To building an intelligent business, The Humaan Pilot team (Co-Pilot) help your evaluates and set AI strategy and identify business problem by pick a problem that matter, that are worth solving and just get started. We will draw on the power of combinatorial innovation with AI technologies. This combinatorial innovation offers powerful possibilities for business model transformation.

Phase Two: Integrating AI Technologies

In Phase Two, we help you integrating AI technologies with internal and external systems to recognize the importance of data convergence without compromising our core beliefs in privacy and your data policy. We help your build powerful models by remove the undifferentiated overhead associated with deploying and managing infrastructure for training and hosting and serve those predictions in real-time and at high throughput. We provides informative dashboards to tell great data stories to support better business decisions.

Phase Three: Measure Success

In Phase Three, Successful experiments face one final test: artificial intelligence are benefits to everyone. When we help your transform business to intelligenc business, will need to measure our ideas is unlocking capabilities for everyone to do that in incredible new ways - solving problems for business and the world.

So that's Humaan Pilot Program. We're really happy your're here. Please tell us what you think. If you have questions or would like to talk more, you can contact us.

Thanks for flying with us!