Advancing AI to Unleash Human Capabilities

Humaan (hu·man) is an artificial intelligence company. Our mission is simple: building intelligent technology tools and making it useful for everyone. We are willing to apply AI technologies to be unleash everyone capabilities to tackle some of our grand challenges in new exciting ways. With AI as a multiplier for human ingenuity, those solutions will come into reach. We believe AI should remain aligned with human value.

Infusing AI into an application with Humaan Intelligence™ using just a few simple lines of code — Easily integration intelligence

Easily integrate intelligence

Take advantage of machine learning capabilities in language, vision, speech, and sound with easy integration into your application to unlock business growth and new opportunities. — Quickly add intelligence

Quickly add intelligence

Humaan Intelligence™ services remove your time-consuming on months of AI development, you do not need a deep understanding of machine learning and a large data science team. — Just a few lines of code

Just a few lines of code

Bringing the AI-powered features as APIs or SDKs into your application, service, and business using just a few simple lines of code without building and deploying your own models. — Accelerate your launch time

Accelerate your launch time

Avoid pitfalls, risks, and stuck on the proof of concept stage. Accelerate the potential power of AI to achieve your business objectives faster, while setting you up for sustainable growth. — Design to be productive

Design to be productive

Applied Intelligence from our pre-built models that optimize to fairness, explainability, and accuracy for ready to used and bring them to help you smarter, faster, enable business growth. — Intelligence you can trust

Intelligence you can trust

Our mission is building AI aligned with human value by design and by default from the principles to practice. Our commitment to making AI benefits all of humanity and can trust.