Learn how to organize and manage your Humaan account.

About accounts on Humaan

With Humaan account, you can create intelligent apps that hear, speak, see, and understand like human capabilities. You can also customize from pre-build models for your specific tasks. Account allow you to create and manage your projects and resources.

There are two types of accounts available on Humaan:

  • Personal accounts
  • Organization accounts

When you create a new account, you are creating a personal account. A personal account is your own, designed for personal use. An organization account enhances collaboration between multiple personal accounts.

Personal accounts

A personal accounts are designed for personal use, non-commercial use. Every personal accounts are free to use (subject to the Fair use policy) forever.

Organization accounts

An organization accounts are designed for collaboration with others. You can manage team member roles, access controls and permissions, project resources, billing management, and security & compliance

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