Payments and Billing

Ensuring a smooth financial transaction is essential for both our service and our users. This section provides detailed information about payments, invoicing, and general billing practices. Whether you're an individual user or part of an organization, you'll find comprehensive guidelines here.

Payment Method

Choosing a reliable and convenient payment method is crucial to seamless transactions. Our platform offers a variety of payment options suitable for both individuals and organizations.

  • For Organizations: Navigate to Organization » Settings » Billing. Within the "Payment Method" section, you can add, remove, or change your default payment method.

  • For Individual Users: Our platform is entirely free for individual users, so there's no need to provide any payment method or credit card details. Simply sign up and enjoy our services without any financial commitment.


An invoice provides a detailed breakdown of charges for transparency and record-keeping. We maintain a clear and downloadable record for every transaction made on our platform.

  • For Organizations: Navigate to Organization » Settings » Invoice. Here, you can view all your invoices and download them in PDF or CSV format.

  • For Individual Users: Access your invoices by going to Account » Settings » Invoice (located within the "Payment Method" section). From here, you can view and download your invoices in your preferred format.


Billing includes all expenses, from recurring subscriptions to charges based on "pay-per-use" that may vary with each monthly cycle. Our goal is to ensure clarity and transparency in our billing processes, eliminating any potential confusion.

  • For Organizations: Access detailed billing information by navigating to Organization » Settings » Billing. This section provides an overview of all charges, and you can download the records in PDF or CSV format.

  • For Individual Users: Go to Account » Settings » Billing (located within the "Payment Method" section). Here, you'll find a comprehensive breakdown of all your billing details and an option to download them.

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